Looking forward to creating space with you

Next Steps

  • 01

    Be looking for additional posts and emails related to helping you prepare to create space with Christ for a full day. What would be helpful for you?


  • 02

    Retreats are all the richer in community. So feel free to share and invite others to join you for this formational experience. Who will you invite?

  • 03

    Consider what you will need to do to have October 29th free of obligations. Who can you talk to to help open that day for you?

  • 04

    To help us support you more personally, through prayer and additional resources, send us your answers to the questions from the three previous points.



Dr. Haskins, founder of Create Space, currently lives in the Chicago area. When Eric isn’t leading a retreat, you can find him with his family, enjoying two of his other passions: grilling and strategy boardgames.