Lenten Community Group: Days 8-13 of 40 Days of Decrease

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W Wednesday we will gather again for our Lenten Community Group, to share through readings eight to thirteen. Last week we laughed, questioned, encouraged, and prayed each other forward on our journey. This week well continue on that same path.

So last week, we challenged each other to consider how Lent can be a mentor. In light of John the Baptist's journey we also explored how our view of Jesus shapes how we live for Jesus. To prepare for our gathering this Wednesday follow the links below exploring your personality and preferences with how you connect to God. Wednesday night we will explore how they relate to this week's readings and beyond.

To Guide Your Lenten Journey

  • Personality Profile

    Many of you may have done a personality profile while in college but my guess it’s been quite a while. Follow the link below and to do a simple form of the Myers-Briggs personality profile. After completing the profile, follow the link on the results page, under the heading “Self-development” and explore your type’s description. Wednesday night bring your results with you to fuel our gathering.
    Personalty Profile

  • Spiritual Temperament

    Have you ever wondered why some people can be so excited about praying for hours on end, while you fall asleep after ten minutes? How about why some get all excited about another study through Romans, unpacking every single doctrine, while you begin to doodle cartoons in the study guide as you are longing to ask, “Why don’t we take a walk in the beauty of God’s creation?”. . . Because that’s where you feel closest to God? For Wednesday, follow the link below to complete the profile for your spiritual temperament, and don’t forget to bring the results with you Wednesday!

    Spiritual Temperament
    Spiritual Temperament’s Overview

“To dance when we do not know the steps requires us to value our Partner above our performance.”
– Dr. Alicia Britt Chole

Additional Resources

Lenten Journey Itinerary

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