Lenten Journey 2016

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S tarting on Friday, January 29th, and then each of the 10 days (not counting Sunday) leading up to Lent, I will be posting a series of space saving experiences. These will be simple ideas to help you create space in the normal flow of your life. Many will seem familiar and routine but I hope to offer a slightly different perspective that will allow you to grow the relational richness with Christ and the community of faith a Lenten Journey offers.

To Guide Your Lenten Journey

  • Lenten Community Group

    As Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 10, I will be hosting a Lenten Community Group at Christ Church of Oakbrook in the Chicago area.

  • 40 Days of Decrease

    The Lenten Community Group will be using the book 40 Days of Decrease written by my friend, Alicia Britt Chole.

  • Informational Gathering

    If you are in the Chicago area and are interested we will be having an informational gathering on Wednesday, February 3rd from 7pm to 8:30pm at Christ Church of Oakbrook.

  • Virtual Community Group

    if you can’t make it to the actual group we will be hosting a page right here on Create Space that I invite you to participate or use it as a guide for a small group you’re already part of, no matter where you live!

“This year instead of fasting carbs or designer coffee fast, apathy, injustice, revenge and more . . . for the love of God.”
– Dr. Alicia Britt Chole

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