ACTS of Prayer

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This past Sunday – Pentecost Sunday – our church finished up a series on prayer by journeying through the classic prayer acronym of ACTS. It was a nice break from a “traditional” Sunday service. It also inspired me to take the next few weeks to offer my own rendition of ACTS. My hope and continued prayer to enable a church community, life group, family or individual to create space through prayer in creative and relevant ways.

ACTS Postings

Adoration • ACTS of Love

Confession • ACTS of Authenticity

Thanksgiving • ACTS of Gratitude

Supplication • ACTS of Mission

Promptings Towards Prayer

And speaking of prayer – follow the links below for three very different experiences of prayer to lead the way into the next few weeks. I encourage you to think of ways to experience and share the prayer promptings below communally.

  • The Daily Examen

    A personal favorite – The Examen helps you pray towards a cooperative awareness of Christ’s presence in the midst of your day.

  • Centering Prayer

    You can download an academic paper I wrote a few years ago on Centering Prayer – another personal favorite way to pray.

  • Operation World

    A third favorite prayer prompting helps to keep us focused outward – into the world itself one country at a time.

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