“Come and See . . . “

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Come and see,” was the response of Jesus that day on the road. Being pointed to Jesus by John the Baptist who had been their mentor and guide, they asked Jesus for some information, “Where are you staying?” Jesus extended to them an invitation to come and see for themselves. An invitation that moved them beyond black and white information to a full color relational experience that had a transformational impact on their lives and the world.

A full color relational experience.

This is the hope I have for this website and Create Space – to help Churches, groups and individuals create space to intentionally engage with Jesus in a holistic way. Far too often we settle for an informational interaction about Jesus. But Jesus continually invites us into a personal, relational experience to “come and see,” – to participate fully with our heart, head and hands. Create Space provides different resources and experiences to engage all aspects of your being in your following after Jesus.

If this excites you, intrigues you, causes you to pause and wonder, I invite you to come and see all that Create Space is about. Explore this site or even better invite us to partner with you, your church or small group to create space to engage with Jesus with your whole self.

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