In Honor of MLK, Jr. Day

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Iam more aware of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day this year than I have been in years past. Perhaps it's the result of living in the Chicago area where racial tensions have been high and in the news. Let alone the numerous racially charged police stories we have experienced throughout our nation. As an approaching-middled-aged-white-male, I NEED this day as a reality check. In light of this I offer these resources that continue to help me face and curve my own expressions of racism.

MLK in Jail

Letter from the Birmingham Jail

Gathered from ideas he penned on scraps of paper MLK, Jr. responds to criticism over his protests with what many consider one of the most powerful expressions of social justice.
Full Letter Here

Read Gracism

I discovered this challenging gem through our church's last sermon series which borrowed the name and influenced the messages the last several weeks. I pass along to you following the healthy self-depreciating nature of our pastor to "Read the book because it's definitely better than the sermons."
Purchase here

I Have a Dream Speech

Create space by . . .

  • Receive

    Choose one of the items above and receive what it offers. Truly listen to the words that have literally shaped a nation.

  • Reflect

    As you receive, reflect on what is going through your heart and mind? What feelings do you notice? What is driving those feelings and thoughts?

  • Respond

    Do something with your new found insights. Do you need to apologize to someone? Do you need to write a letter? Join a peaceful protest? Ask someone of another race over for dinner or out for coffee for a real conversation? Do something.

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