The Daily Examen

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Daily Examen

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The Daily Examen originates from the early portions of Ignatius of Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises. Although it is not original to Ignatius, as forms of it were practiced in the Church at the time, his unique personal experience with it and how intensely he taught it to others forever associates his name with this formative practice. As we practice the Examen, we take the everyday moments of our lives and discern our cooperation and response to the activity of God therein.

Reflecting on Paul’s encouragement from Romans 12, in the Examen we are not only offering the very moments of our daily life to God but, “as a living sacrifice”, we are fully engaged and intentionally participating in the building of our relationship with Christ with our whole being.

Here are some tips to be fully present while practicing the Daily Examen. 

  •  A quiet, comfortable place is best suited for the Examen.
  •  There is no prescribed length for practicing the Examen. Some days may be as brief as ten minutes and other days you might spend ten minutes on just one of the movements.
  •  At the conclusion of the Examen you might want to capture some of your primary reflections and impressions in a journal.

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