Workshops are designed to be interactive and challenging, leading us to better understand the dynamics of Christian formation in our churches, families, life and culture.

  • Adult Education Class

    Hearing a new voice adds a richness to the Christian Ed. classes in your church.

  • Ministry Team Focused

    Interactive workshops are a great way to enhance and build your church’s ministry teams.

  • Small Group

    There are few things better than being challenged with those you’ve laughed, cried and shared with, in the past.

Two of our Popular Workshops

creating space essentials

Gleaning from Christ’s life we’ll begin learning how to enfold the spiritual practices Christ used to create space in our lives as well.

streams of christianity

In Streams of Christianity, we will experientially seek to follow each of the six great Christian faith traditions back to the The Fountain Head – Jesus. Sharing as we journey our new insights to ReachUp, ReachIn and ReachOut.

The task of the modern educator
is not to cut down jungles,
but to irrigate deserts.
     – C.S. Lewis