In the Midst of Your Day . . . (Pre-Lenten Journey 2016)

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There Are
days till lent

S tarting on Friday, January 29th, and then each of the 10 days (not counting Sunday) leading up to Lent, I will be posting a series of space saving experiences. These will be simple ideas to help you create space in the normal flow of your life. Many will seem familiar and routine but I hope to offer a slightly different perspective that will allow you to grow the relational richness with Christ and the community of faith a Lenten Journey offers.

Pre-Lenten Space Saver

Let’s face it, the seemingly never ending needs of our own stress filled days drown out any of the needs others might have around us. We need to develop an intentionality if we are going to create space, enabling us to live in the reality of Christ’s sacrificial presence to those around us.

Currently I find myself working in a very fast paced and crowded retail store of a tech giant. In the midst of the constant crowds and busyness one of the ways I tangibly create space is by listening to very specific songs while I’m on lunch or break. On my phone I have a playlist just for this purpose. Here's a sampling of a few of the songs that seem to help me the most . . .

• Here for You • Chris Tomlin
• Make A Way • Desperation Band
• Open The Eyes of My Heart • Paul Balochi
• Come, Now is the Time to Worship • Brian Doerkson and Wendy O'Connell
• Build Your Kingdom Here • Rend Collective
• Holy Spirit • Bryan & Katie Torwalt

On a regular basis I walk through the store and the mall in which our store is located, listening to these perspective calibrating lyrics and I’m humbled at how quickly I lose site of Jesus in the midst of the normal flow of my daily life AND how quickly I can reconnect with this simple way to create space.

Receive . . . Reflect . . . . Respond . . .

  • Choose one of the songs below and use it in the midst of your day this week. Share your experience here or with your small group.
  • As you listened to the song in the midst of your day, what captured your heart and imagination? Why?
  • How do you create space now in the midst of your busy work life to be aware of Christ’s presence?
  • What song can you recommend to use, in the midst of our day, to help remind us of our calling to be Jesus to those around us?

Lenten Journey 2016

Journey through Lent with Create Space this year no matter where you live!

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